Sunday, May 22, 2011

Casinos To Host Pro Wrestling Talk By Hulk Hogan And Friends, by Greg Tingle - 22nd May 2011

Famous pro wrestlers including Hulk Hogan are going to share true and previously kayfabe stories from the road at popular American and Canadian casinos. Oneida Casino in Green Bay, Wisconsin has signed up, with Boulevard Casino in BC said to keen, with many more expected to follow. Media Man and Gambling911 continue to probe the curious tie-ins between land based and online casinos with the pro wrestling sector, with Hulk Hogan now challenging Ric Flair as wrestling king of the gambling sector...

There's a curious relationship between pro wrestling, land based and online casinos, and to be frank, we like it. Let's face it, they're all in the entertainment business right, looking for their cut of the entertainment dollar. As if you didn't know, just being in business these days is a gamble.

Back in the old days... circa 1950, pro wrestling used to be sometimes held in smoke filled arena's, some doubling as above board casinos, some being underground gambling dens littered with vice... and all things nice and naughty. Ah, those were the days hey kids.

Pro wrestling living legend, Hulk Hogan, has proved himself in the ring many times over the past 3 decades, but now he's showing himself to be quite a study of the gambling and casino industry. Already featured in The Hulk-A-Mania Experience slot game and Hulk Hogan online slot, out within months we hear, he's about ready to spill his guts kayfabe style at select land based casinos throughout the United States and just maybe Canada and BC also. Not only that, many of Hogan's old wrestling mates will also join in the talkfest, which is bound to have wrestling fans on the edge of their seats.

Don't worry about Hogan mate Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair, who won't be appearing. Flair still has his deals with the Carolina's Education Lottery, and he still feels very Woooooo! about it.

A Media Man insider said "When Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair did their shoot angle at Star City Casino in Sydney, Australia a few years ago that drew strong heat, blood and major headlines. They incorporated some kayfabe, inside talk into the script. Hogan is old school and knows just about all the secrets of pro wrestling since the 70's. His talkfests to be held at American and perhaps Canadian and BC land based casinos should be something long as you like pro wrestling, or at least find it interesting".

It's understood that Hogan and some of his wrestling buddies don't mind a punt, but it's not known if they will play the casinos games before or after the talks at this stage. Wrestling and casino trivia buffs will be interested to know that the old WWE bought a the Debbie Reynold's land casino casino in Las Vegas circa 1999, but never went ahead with development plans, opting to sell it for a tidy profit. The casino was later redeveloped and is today known as the Clarion Hotel and Casino.

The current wrestling talk fests are expected to net Hogan, mates, the casinos and the promoters thousands of dollars, with Hulk set to get the biggest payday of all we understand, which is fair enough.

Hogan nemesis and sometimes friends Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka and Kevin 'Diesel' aka 'Vinnie Vegas' Nash are understood to be aware of the wrestling talk tour but are not appearing due to prior contractual arrangements. Nash has some online casino games listed in his official website. The Hulk's online casino game is set to be released before the end of this year in a deal with Endemol UK. digital entertainment is understood to be looking for a b2b deal with Endemol.

'Hogan and Friends' are set to tear the house down, as much as a talkfest is capable of.

The shows have previously been postponed, but at this stage 3rd time looks to be a charm. Insiders hope Hogan’s back is ok and won't stop him appearing. The nostalgia tour is set to arrive next week at Oneida Casino in Ashwaubenon.

Hogan will be sharing the mic with Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, The Nasty Boys, Koko B. Ware and Hacksaw Jim Duggan about their days on the old school wrestling circuit, both WWE - World Wrestling Federation and other promotions. Stories may including things like real life fights at bars, drug use, crazy nights with women ala "ring rats", real life heat, the time Duggan got busted with his supposed enemy The Iron Sheik for some green stuff, the real life Hogan - Randy Savage (RIP) feud, near meets with death, Andre The Giant stories, and god knows what else. Even if your more a casino player and not so much a wrestling fan, it still sounds like loads of fun.

It's rumoured that both Sydney's Star City casino and Melbourne's Crown Casino are interested in the wrestling talk concept, but to bring out Hogan and friends for this would be cost prohibitive at this stage, opting to stick to their loyalties to Vince McMahon's WWE, set to tour Australia from July 1.

Kudos to you Hulk, you're quite the wrestling legend, and there's no doubting your success as a gambling and gaming entrepreneur either.

Friends, good punting, know your limits and bet with your head, not over it. Ladies and gentlemen, kids of all ages... your winner - the fans!

Punters, er readers, stay glued to Media Man reports via Gambling911 for more "can't miss" information on Australian pokies, gaming and casino wars.

Hulk Hogan & Friends Tour

Oneida Casino, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Ashwaubenon - 26th May, doors open at 5pm.

Boulevard Casino, Coquitlam BC - tentative, not confirmed - To Be Advised

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Hulk Hogan

Ric Flair

Kevin Nash


*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. They cover a dozen industry sectors including gaming. Media Man also publishes Media Man News and Wrestling News Media

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Australian Sports Betting Worries Sport Bosses, by Greg Tingle - 20th May 2011

The sports betting sector continues to be red hot political and legal potato in Australia, and it has many a sports boss worried, as well as administrators of Australia's Olympic body, with Aussie Olympic athletes being red the riot act. Media Man and Gambling911 get you up to speed with the latest in the Australian sports betting industry, which is already having international consequences...

Aussie Sports Bosses Worried About Sports Betting...

Think you know all there is about the politics and proposed laws re sports betting in Australia? Think again.

The money men - the top brass behind the elite sports codes in Australia just yesterday expressed their unease at the full on advertising delivered by enthusiastic promoter types in the betting agencies.

The money stream for the sporting codes has been a financial shot in the arm for pro sports, but many now question at what cost.

Most advertising budgets in Australia have slowed over the last few years, but not sorts betting, a close cousin to gambling.

Live betting - exotic betting - are the forms of sports betting which have the majority of sports code bosses very worried, and we all know there's been a few scandals with the "exotics", and we're not talking about casino babes or sports babes folks.

The prestigious Tattersall's CEO's Sports Luncheon was held yesterday with reps from the AFL, NRL, ARU, FFA and Cricket Australia going on record that they felt somewhat uneasy with the tactics being employed by gambling firms, despite the big bucks they made from the association with sports betting.

"I think I speak for all of us when I say some of that more aggressive 'bet now' advertising is concerning us," NRL boss David Gallop said. "We would prefer to see that in a less aggressive mode. But it's difficult when the media outlets are going to take that advertising anyway, so the sports need to be in control of it."

After demonstrating initial caution, the Australian Football League has embraced the gambling universe, even permitting teams to accept gambling organisations as jersey, sports and internet sports sponsors, as plugging live odds on the AFL website during matches and showing live match odds on the scoreboard during games as part of an agreement with Betfair.

AFL chief exec Andrew Demetriou said it was issue beyond sport. "If it's in your face at the football, it can be really off-putting," he said. "But let's not delude ourselves; don't just concentrate this on the sports. The newspapers are littered with advertising about sports betting. Let's look at issues across the board, not just in sport. We're genuinely trying to do the right thing. Once sports betting became deregulated … everyone became exposed to it, not just kids at the football."

Australian Rugby Union top dog John O'Neill stated the massive money being thrown around by gambling firms had inevitably bought them a slice of power.

"We certainly do express a view if it's in your face, it's over the top. But that's the level of influence [they now have]," he said. "There is a source of revenue there." Assurances that all professional sporting events are not tampered with by bookmakers - or that players, coaches or officials are not betting on outcomes - has added another layer to the complex relationship between sports and agencies.

Cricket Australia exec James Sutherland advised all sports had to retain their integrity to survive.

"The critical issue for us is that the success of sport is built on the connection between the fan and the sport. They need to know this is a real contest, this is the real thing," he said. "If there is any question or taint around that then the integrity and value of the sport is significantly downgraded. That's something we're very conscious of. We can't have corruption in our game."

Federal Sports Minister Mark Arbib has expressed his support for tougher match-fixing laws, and is due to meet his state counterparts next month.

Just when all the confusion will come to an end is anyone's bet.

Gambling continues to be one of the world's most successful industries and most popular pastimes, and Aussie gamblers - sports betters are some of the most popular in the world.

With the Aussie news media and internet push on it seems unlikely that sports betting offline or online are going to decline in popularity any time soon. All gambling sub sectors are generally on the increase with the public, and now it just seems that all regulations across the board need to get up to speed with the reality of internet sports betting. You can bet legal eagles will continue to be busy and media reports will continue to be pumped out, keeping punters, politicians and all other interested parties abreast of the latest news. What else is left to say than good punting, and bet with your head, not over it.

Australian Olympic Committee Says Illegal Sports Betting Biggest Risk...

Aussie Olympic athletes set to head off the Olympic Games in London next year will be required to obey new laws designed to stop illegal betting.

The Australian Olympic Committee annual general meeting was held yesterday.

Plenty of top brass was present including AOC president John Coates and the Federal Minister for Sport Mark Arbib. They are so worried they rate illegal betting as big a risk as doping in the 1980s and 1990s.

Coates wants a national sports betting authority independent of any sport and their official bodies and handed federal powers and resources.

In a curious tactic, the AOC's 2012 team membership agreement has also been tweaked to limit the prospect of a selected Aussie athlete betting on themselves or anyone else during the Games in London.

Coates is happy to punish offenders by "naming and shaming" them. Arbib said he supported a prop for jail sentences of up to a decade for anyone found guilty.

The illegal betting industry, Arbib said, is worth roughly $140 billion a year, and has now spread like wildfire globally. He thinks that the battle to combat illegal betting will need the co operation of governments, sporting federations and legal betting agencies if it is to be won.

Coates said that athletes who still did not fully comprehend what was at stake would certainly do so by the time they had put on their green and gold team colours and were on a flight to London. He advised athletes will all be fully briefed before the Games, and the changed clauses in their agreements will be outlined. "In our team membership agreements, we have always had clauses in there that prohibited involvement by our team members in betting on Olympic Games, on other athletes or themselves," Coates said after the meeting. "We are just making [it] more specific."

"We have added the references to prohibition to illegal and irregular gambling betting to our ethical behaviour by-laws … that will be in place, the athletes will be briefed on it. It will be made very clear to them that we will not tolerate any betting during the Olympic Games."

Coates also advised that punishment for an infraction would not only come from the AOC.
Senator Arbib didn't shy away from outlining how strong a stand he plans on taking.

"The NSW Law Reform Commission have talked about penalties for up to 10 years for match fixing. That is something I support," he said.

"This is a very serious crime and there are large sums of money involved internationally.
''We need to send a strong message to those people who are involved in match fixing [and] those people involved in illegal gambling that government will act.

"We will act together with the sports and the betting agencies and we are going to take the toughest stance possible."

Coates went thought a 7-point mandate for the national sports betting authority. He's hopeful that Prime Minister Julia Gillard will endorse it and see it become a reality.

Investigate cheating and fraudulent conduct with necessary powers to phone tap, subpoena and seize information and exemption from privacy legislation.

Undertake effective national liaison and information sharing with the Australian Federal Police, Australia Tax Office and other federal agencies, and the State and Territory police.

Undertake effective international liaison and information sharing with other governments, international sports bodies and agencies.

Establish a comprehensive code of conduct for all sporting bodies.

Establish guidelines for minimum and consistent penalties across sports at all levels and the means to ensure they are applied.

Record the names of offending athletes, officials, clubs and third parties of ill-repute on a public register, and undertake education of coaches and officials.

Folks, with list or will it come to pass and become written in law? Tipsters advise we may know in the coming weeks, and no, we are not taking bets on it before you ask, but feel free to check out other gaming and betting promotions right here.

Punters, er readers, stay glued to Media Man reports via Gambling911 for more "can't miss" information on Australian sports betting, pokies, gaming and casino wars.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. They cover a dozen industry sectors including gaming. Media Man also publishes Media Man News

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas Kick Off New Alliance With IHG

The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas Kick Off New Alliance With IHG in Unexpected and Extraordinary Ways and Welcomes "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to Celebrate

Ellen DeGeneres Welcomes Guests and Serves as "Celebrity Concierge" For The Day

ATLANTA, May 4, 2011 - The Ellen DeGeneres Show today helps IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) and Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE: LVS) celebrate the launch of The Venetian and The Palazzo as the first-ever InterContinental Alliance Resorts. To commemorate this fitting partnership and encourage consumers to start taking advantage of the extraordinary benefits of the alliance, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres welcomed the 'first' InterContinental Alliance Resort guests by serving as celebrity concierge for the day.

The humorous segment airs on The "Ellen DeGeneres Show" Wednesday, May 4th, and will show viewers just how easy it is to start earning and burning IHG's Priority Club points at The Venetian and The Palazzo and global hotel destinations beyond the Las Vegas Strip. As "Celebrity Concierge," DeGeneres welcomed four lucky bachelorettes to check into the newly formed InterContinental Alliance Resorts, and showed them the access and benefits they receive at The Venetian and The Palazzo just by simply being a member of Priority Club Rewards, IHG's guest loyalty program. Ellen gives the bachelorettes the VIP treatment with drinks and dancing by the pool, a relaxing gondola ride and even hit the slot machines. Guests in Vegas were not the only ones to be part of the action; Ellen also surprised the entire studio audience of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" with a complimentary two-night stay at either The Venetian or The Palazzo.

As InterContinental Alliance Resorts, The Venetian and The Palazzo are now affiliated with the InterContinental Hotels & Resorts global portfolio. They will maintain their brand identity, yet are established as InterContinental Alliance Resorts on property and via various marketing channels, including, where guests can book a suite at The Venetian or The Palazzo, just like they would any other InterContinental Hotel or Resort. The resorts, both of which have earned the AAA Five Diamond rating and a four-star rating from Forbes, are the perfect fit for the InterContinental Hotels & Resorts brand and provide the "in the know" experience that InterContinental guests have come to expect.

"Our guests earn a significant amount of Priority Club points when they're staying at our hotels for business travel," said Eric Pearson, chief marketing officer, the Americas, IHG. Overwhelmingly, they want to redeem those points for a fun and relaxing vacation, and now with InterContinental Alliance Resorts we can offer two-award winning flagship resorts in one of the world's most dynamic destinations."

This new alliance brings together two world-class leaders in the global hospitality industry. It also offers extraordinary benefits to both guests at The Venetian and The Palazzo and to members of IHG's Priority Club Rewards program, the world's largest hotel loyalty program with 56 million members.

"Our guests will now be able to earn points and redeem them for stays at any of IHG's various hotels worldwide, just as Priority Club Rewards and Ambassador Members will be able to use their own points for stays at both of our world-class resort properties. In addition, Venetian and Palazzo guests can also earn Priority Club points on top of our Grazie loyalty program points," said Rom Hendler, chief marketing officer, Las Vegas Sands Corp. "IHG customers will be able to experience the same Five Diamond Award winning service that Venetian and Palazzo visitors have always received. This is an exciting opportunity for all!"

To celebrate this new alliance, from now through the end of the year, consumers also have the opportunity to win an unexpected and extraordinary experience through a unique sweepstakes called "Unexpected. Extraordinary. Yours for the taking!" Each consumer who enters the online sweepstakes at will be entered into a drawing for their chance to win an extraordinary giveaway each month.

Each monthly prize will include a two-night getaway in the Penthouse Suite at either The Venetian or The Palazzo, airfare to Las Vegas and VIP treatment, plus another extraordinary prize valued between $5,000 and $10,000 to experience in Las Vegas. The prizes will vary each month and include, but are not limited to, the chance to party like a celebrity at Tao and Lavo; private luxury box for four at Lagasse's Stadium(SM) during baseball's Fall Classic; and a culinary experience, featuring some of the award-winning restaurants on-site, including Postrio, CUT, Morels, Pinot Brasserie and Valentino. A full list of prizes can be found at along with the rules for the sweepstakes which is being carried out by IHG.

About IHG:

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) [LON:IHG, NYSE:IHG (ADRs)] is the world's largest hotel group by number of rooms. IHG franchises, leases, manages or owns, through various subsidiaries, over 4,400 hotels and more than 640,000 guest rooms in 100 countries and territories around the world. The Group owns a portfolio of well recognized and respected hotel brands including InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Indigo®, Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts, Holiday Inn® Hotels and Resorts, Holiday Inn Express®, Staybridge Suites® and Candlewood Suites® and also manages the world's largest hotel loyalty program, Priority Club® Rewards with 56 million members worldwide.

IHG has almost 1,300 hotels in its development pipeline, which is expected to create 160,000 jobs worldwide over the next few years.

InterContinental Hotels Group PLC is the Group's holding company and is incorporated in Great Britain and registered in England and Wales.

IHG offers information and online reservations for all its hotel brands at and information for the Priority Club Rewards program at For our latest news visit, Twitter or YouTube

About Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE: LVS) is the leading global developer of destination properties (integrated resorts) that feature premium accommodations, world-class gaming and entertainment, convention and exhibition facilities, celebrity chef restaurants, and many other amenities.

The Venetian and The Palazzo, Five-Diamond luxury resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, are among the company's properties in the United States. In Singapore, the iconic Marina Say Sands is the most recent addition to the company's portfolio.

Through its majority-owned subsidiary Sands China Ltd, the company also owns a collection of properties in Macau, including The Venetian Macao, Four Seasons Hotel Macao and the Four Seasons-branded serviced-apartments at its Cotai Strip development, as well as the Sands Macao on the Macau peninsula.

SOURCE InterContinental Hotels Group

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In nod to fictional home, Marvel heroes paired with NYC, its institutions for merchandise line

NEW YORK, N.Y. — They are icons in every sense of the word: world-renowned, adored and admired.
Spider-Man and the NYPD. Thor and the FDNY.

For Marvel Entertainment LLC, New York City has always been the spiritual centre of its comic book creations. Now the company has put some of its marquee heroes in tandem with some of the city's best-known landmarks and agencies for a line of clothing and merchandise.

Paul Gitter, president of Marvel Entertainment's consumer products for North America, said the move to tie fictional characters with the real New York is a step in breaking out of comic books, games, TV and film.

"Marvel is trying to better connect with the consumer at a highly localized level," he said. "Instead of just going out there, creating great Spider-Man products, we're trying to speak to people in as much a personal way as possible."

That move includes the recently announced partnership with NYC & Co. — the marketing, tourism and partnership organization for New York — that will see Marvel characters paired with police, fire and sanitation departments as well as the city's taxi and limousine commission, amid backdrops showing some of the city's landmarks, including the Empire State Building.

On one T-shirt, for example, a full-colour Thor leaps forth in front of a monochrome image of the Brooklyn Bridge, between an FDNY logo and the phrase "The Mighty Never Rest." A portion of the proceeds from the sales will go to the New York City Police Foundation and the FDNY Foundation.

George Fertitta, CEO of NYC & Co., said blending New York's icons with Marvel's seamlessly blends fact and fiction.

"New York City serves as home to many of the super heroes in the Marvel universe so it's only natural to team up these characters known of protecting the city from evil villains with the real men and women that keep this great city operating safely," he said.

In combining the real and fictional characters, it helped "create something that is consistent with the brand personality of the New York heroes and, of course, the superheroes that exist" on paper, TV or in film, Fertitta said.

"We've got mugs and cups and bags and notebooks and hats, bags and wallets," Gitter said of the launch. "The typical items that a tourist might buy that are easy to carry around."


Credit: The Associated Press, Wires

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Monday, May 02, 2011

Logies 2011 Delivers Firework And Karl Stefanovic Gold Logie, by Greg Tingle - 1st May 2011

The Australian entertainment industries night of nights delivered in terms of both fun, laughs and surprises.

Logies hot favourites largely went empty handed and it was time for a night of shockers.

An emotional (and sober) Karl Stefanovic, who won the Gold Logie, paid tribute to his wife Cass for "giving up a promising TV career of her own with the ABC to let me do this and look after our three beautiful kids."

The capacity crowd enjoyed Karl's banter on Network Nine boss David Gyngell in his acceptance speech, saying: "He's probably at home, in his Homer Simpson undies, scratching himself or whatever he does, but mate, I love you as a boss and more importantly as a friend."

He remembered his family saying he thanked his "mum for her beautiful soul" and his dad "for your male-pattern baldness, big guy."

He shared that his mentor was Laurie Oakes: "The reason I am in this business and want to be for the rest of my life."

Despite his promise to stick to soda water he left stage with" "I'm going to the bar."

Stefanovic threw into his entertaining speech that added he did not believe half of Australia would know who he was "if he wasn't pole-axed on Grey Goose vodka".

"I thought it was career-ending...but I survived it", he said.

"So yes I will probably have two dozen champagnes, a few vodkas and what not, but I will be right for the show in the morning."

On the success on the Today Show he explained: "We're risking things but we're both more confident...I've never been more confident in front of the camera, and I don't want that to sound arrogant, but that comes with the miles I've had on air."

A ton of actors, actresses and presenters made their way to the podium before Stefanovic at Melbourne's Crown Casino looking curious as they snatched their viewer-voted Most Popular awards.

'Our Karl', the Channel 9 Today host and sometimes 60 Minutes reporter who snatched away the Gold Logie from Packed To The Rafters team Rebecca Gibney and Jessica Marais, who were red hot favourites.

The popular awards that had the room abuzz. Asher Keddie of Ten's Offspring, beat Seven's Packed To The Rafters dynamos Gibney and Marais as Most Popular Actress. Another shocker of the TV Week sponsored event was Chrissie Swan of Channel Ten's hidden gem chat show The Circle. She was voted Most Popular New Female Talent...ahead of prime-time personalities Emma Booth, Julie Goodwin, Poh Ling Yeow and Hannah Marshall.

Ten's MasterChef, one of the highest-rating series in Australian TV history, was nominated for just one award - Most Popular Reality Program - which it won.

Stefanovic also won Most Popular Presenter ahead of Hamish Blake, Adam Hills, Shaun Micallef and Swan.

Underbelly: The Golden Mile's Firass Dirani won Most Popular New Talent, however his show was bested by Packed To The Rafters as the viewers' favourite drama.

Nine got more bragging rights with Underbelly being judged Most Outstanding Drama, while the Most Outstanding Actor and Actress went to Richard Roxburgh (Rake, ABC) and Claire van der Boom (Sisters Of War, ABC).

Media insiders, celebs and the general public agreed that the strong line up of performing artists, headlined by Katy Perry, made this years Logies one of the best ever, with some stating it was the best with others sharing "the least boring Logies ever".

Well done to all involved with the 2011 Logies. You did really well.


TV WEEK GOLD LOGIE – Most Popular Personality on TV

Adam Hills (Spicks And Specks, ABC 1)
Asher Keddie (Offspring, Network Ten)
Chrissie Swan (The Circle, Network Ten)
Jessica Marais (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
WINNER Karl Stefanovic (Today, Network Nine)
Rebecca Gibney (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE – Most Popular Actor

Callan Mulvey (Rush, Network Ten)
Don Hany (Offspring, Network Ten / Tangle, Foxtel)
Erik Thomson (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
WINNER - Hugh Sheridan (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Michael Caton (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE – Most Popular Actress

WINNER - Asher Keddie (Offspring, Network Ten)
Jessica Marais (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Margot Robbie (Neighbours, Network Ten)
Rebecca Gibney (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Zoe Ventoura (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE – Most Popular Presenter

Adam Hills (Spicks And Specks, ABC1)
Chrissie Swan (The Circle, Network Ten)
Hamish Blake (Hamish & Andy 'Specials', Network Ten)
WINNER - Karl Stefanovic (Today, Nine Network)
Shaun Micallef (Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation, Network Ten)


Charles Cottier (Home And Away, Channel Seven)
Eddie Perfect (Offspring, Network Ten)
WINNER - Firass Dirani (Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Nine Network)
Manu Feildel (My Kitchen Rules, Channel Seven)
Ryan Corr (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)


WINNER - Chrissie Swan (The Circle, Network Ten)
Emma Booth (Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Nine Network)
Hannah Marshall (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Julie Goodwin (Home Cooked! With Julie Goodwin, Nine Network)
Poh Ling Yeow (Poh’s Kitchen, ABC1)


Home And Away (Channel Seven)
Neighbours (Network Ten)
Offspring (Network Ten)
WINNER - Packed To The Rafters (Channel Seven)
Rush (Network Ten)
Underbelly: The Golden Mile (Nine Network)


Good News Week (Network Ten)
Hey Hey It's Saturday (Nine Network)
Sunrise (Channel Seven)
Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation (Network Ten)
WINNER - The Circle (Network Ten)


WINNER - Better Homes And Gardens (Channel Seven)
Domestic Blitz (Nine Network)
Getaway (Nine Network)
Grand Designs Australia (Foxtel)
Ready Steady Cook (Network Ten)


Before The Game (Network Ten and ONE HD)
WINNER - The Footy Show (AFL) (Nine Network)
The Footy Show (NRL) (Nine Network)
The Matty Johns Show (Channel Seven)
Wide World Of Sports (Nine Network)


Dancing With The Stars (Channel Seven)
WINNER - MasterChef Australia (Network Ten)
The Biggest Loser Australia (Network Ten)
The Farmer Wants A Wife (Nine Network)
The X Factor (Channel Seven)


WINNER - Bondi Rescue (Network Ten)
Bondi Vet (Network Ten)
RPA (Nine Network)
Undercover Boss Australia (Network Ten)

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE – Most Outstanding Drama Series, Miniseries or Telemovie

Hawke (Network Ten)
Packed To The Rafters (Channel Seven)
Rake (ABC1)
Rush (Network Ten)
Sisters Of War (ABC1)
WINNER - Underbelly: The Golden Mile (Nine Network)

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE – Most Outstanding Actor

Erik Thomson (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Hugh Sheridan (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Jason Gann (Wilfred, SBS)
Richard Roxburgh (Hawke, Network Ten)
WINNER - Richard Roxburgh (Rake, ABC1)

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE – Most Outstanding Actress

Asher Keddie (Offspring, Network Ten)
Catherine McClements (Rush, Network Ten)
WINNER - Claire van der Boom (Sisters Of War, ABC1)
Justine Clarke (Tangle, Foxtel [Showcase])
Kat Stewart (Offspring, Network Ten)


Emma Booth (Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Nine Network)
WINNER - Firass Dirani (Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Nine Network)
Richard Davies (Offspring, Network Ten)
Ryan Corr (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Sarah Snook (Sisters Of War, ABC1)


“Afghanistan Rocket Attack” (Ten News)
“Election 2010” (Sky News)
“Laurie Oakes Election Leaks” (Nine News)
WINNER - “New Zealand Mine Disaster” (Seven News)
“Pakistan Floods” (ABC News)


“Brothers In Arms” (Sunday Night, Channel Seven)
“Hey Dad..! Scandal” (A Current Affair, Nine Network)
“Iraq’s Deadly Legacy” (Dateline, SBS)
WINNER - “Smugglers' Paradise” (Four Corners, ABC1)
“The Condemned” (Dateline, SBS)


Hamish & Andy’s Caravan of Courage: Great Britain & Ireland (Network Ten)
Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam (SBS)
WINNER - Spicks And Specks (ABC1)
Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (Network Ten)
Yes We Canberra (ABC1)


2010 AFL Grand Final (Channel Seven)
2010 Melbourne Cup (Channel Seven)
Rugby League - 2010 State Of Origin (Game One) (Nine Network)
WINNER - The Ashes 2010 First Test - Day One at the Gabba (Nine Network)
XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi (Foxtel)


Camp Orange: Castle Mountain (Foxtel [Nickelodeon])
WINNER - Dance Academy (ABC3)
Dead Gorgeous (ABC3)
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Logies Snapshot

Performing artist Katy Perry promised a Logies explosive firework opening to the Logies and she delivered

Logies 2001 was more glamorous than ever before

Longest red carpet in the event's history (80m)

Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Jesse J all performed

Rebecca Judd, expecting, showed off her tummy on the Logies' red carpet

Rebecca Gibney had been favourite to take home the coveted Gold Logie.

Shane Jacobsen (Kenny fame) was a photographers fav for the night, putting on all sorts of antics to keep the press pack amused.

Katy Perry was the most photographed star on the red carpet, to little surprise

Crown Casino is understood to have possibly done record business at restaurants, bars and in gaming as a positive spin off from the event

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Logies 2011 tipped to be the best, by Greg Tingle - 1st May 2011

Performing artist Katy Perry has promised a Logies explosive firework opening to the Logies.

Perry is performing here at Crown Casino, Melbourne, tonight at the Logies, and says it'll be quite different to her usual performance.

"I'm very excited because I get to sing one of my favourite songs tomorrow, and I get to do it in a completely different way that I've never done it.

"I love that new, exciting challenge."

The American pop culture icon disclosed she's a big fan of Chris Lilley's Logie-award winning mockumentary series Summer Heights High.

"Summer Heights High and Ja'mie is my favourite," she said, having a go at the the character's accent.

"I love her. Obviously I'm a big fan of all those characters.

"And Kath and Kim I love.

"Australian television is ace."

Perry is down under for her sold-out California Dreams tour, is the big-name international drawcard for the TV Week Logies.

UK pop singer Jessie J and US Grammy winners Maroon 5 will also hit the stage at the Logies.

Violinist Andre Rieu is also scheduled to make an appearance and there's been rumours all week of Justin Bieber showing.

More glamorous than ever before

The Logies will have extra glamour this year, with the stars set to walk the longest red carpet in the event's history.

Logies organisers have extended the ruby rug at Crown Casino by 80m.

"It is more spacious, more grand and will be more glamorous," event organiser David Grant said.

International stars such as Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and red-hot British singer Jesse J have arrived in Melbourne for tonight's event.

All will walk the red carpet, as will violin maestro Andre Rieu, who is understood to have just hit Melbourne. Rieu also will be a presenter for part of on the evening.

Rebecca Judd, understood to be expecting her first baby early in August, will show off her tummy on the Logies' red carpet, in designer fashion of course.

She will be a commentator on Network 9's Logies fashion special and will attend the gala event as a guest of the station. She will wear a gown by Perth-based designer Aurelio Costarella that has been tweaked to flatter and celebrate her six-month pregnant state.

"My gown is very accommodating for my bump," Judd said.

"Aurelio had some options for me and the one I have chosen is great.

"It really works with the bump there is a lot of draping and so forth on it."

Judd shared that she was revelling in her pregnancy while keeping busy. "The bump is getting really big," she said. "I have been feeling amazing."

"I will be having a quiet night," she said. "All of these after-parties sound fun, but they will have to wait until next year."

Rebecca Gibney is favourite to take home the coveted Gold Logie.

Stay tuned as we bring you the action from Crown Casino.

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