Monday, January 17, 2011

The Bondi FM Cafe

The home of our broadcast studio since 18th July 2009, The Bondi FM Cafe is the first radio station/cafe/bar in Australia. The aim was to create a funky venue where music lovers can enjoy hearing and seeing the radio shows being presented live in the studio which is situated in the heart of the cafe. And it seems like we've achieved just that. Check out the 'Reviews' tab to find out what people are saying about it.

Station director, Russ Ayres, decided that Bondi FM needed to be in a public domain when he realised how many of the evening DJ's were having their own private parties in the studio, which, at the time was tucked away on the top floor The Bondi Hotel.

With the help of Nathalie Ayres, The Bondi FM Cafe concept was born. However, it took 6 years to find the perfect location that would enable to dream to become a reality. (Credit: Bondi FM)

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